Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS)
for Dynamics GP 2018

Before you download HMS code:

  1. Confirm that you are selecting downloads based on the matching version of DynamicsGP.
    • The items on this page are compatible with Dynamics GP 2018.
  2. Select only the items that you need.
    • Some downloads have multiple items including code (ZIP); others are just documents (PDF).

Here is a guide:

Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) for Dynamics GP 2018 contains code, documentation and help files for an almost complete installation or upgrade of HMS Manufacturing. Some users may require the Advanced Serial Lot, described below, as an additional download and the Report Viewer for Dot Net framework 4.5 (if their client operating systems has .Net Framework 4.0 or higher installed.

CSLS for Dynamics GP 2018 contains only the components required to support Advanced Serial Lot Management for GP2018. In most cases, the full manufacturing download described above is also required.

HMS REPORT Viewer for Dot Net 4.5 and later (zip) is required when Report Viewer is used on client systems with .NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed.

HMS On-line Help (zip) is the most current version of on-line help. This file is also include in the main download selection above.

HMS Service Patch Instructions (pdf) should be used when you are loading a patch that is the same version but a different build so no upgrade is required.

The remaining selections are documents that are also included in the relevant ZIP files available above.

Questions? Call customer service at 800-287-8014 or email support@hzs.com.