HZ Configurator & Item Pricing Matrix (CFG/IPM)
for Dynamics 2013

Before you download CFG/IPM:

  1. Confirm that you are selecting downloads based on:
    • Your version of Dynamics GP – The items on this page are compatible with Dynamics GP 2013.
    • Your version of HMS Manufacturing if you are using Configurator and IPM with our manufacturing solution.
  2. Select only the items that you need.
    • Some downloads have multiple items including code (zip); others are just documents (pdf).

Here is a guide:

Horizons Configurator/IPM for Dynamics GP 2013 contains code, documents and other files for a complete installation or upgrade of Configurator/IPM

CFG/IPM On-Line Help (zip) is the on line help file and is contained in the download above.

Service Patch Instructions for CFGIPM (pdf) is used when you are loading a patch that is the same version but a different build so no upgrade is required.

The remaining selections are documents that are also included in the relevant zip files available above.

Questions? Call customer service at 800-287-8014 or email support@hzs.com.