Product Configurator

Are you ready to reduce the overhead cost of providing customer specific items?

Assembling or producing items to customer specific requirements drives high levels of customer satisfaction. With outdated or non-integrated solutions the effort to get item details and price just right carries significant costs for order processing, quality control and manufacturing utilization.

Do you want to streamline the Configure – Price – Quote process?

Whether you are a distributor or manufacturer you know streamlining the CPQ process will improve cash flow and help you get goods to your customers faster. Your non-integrated solutions are keeping cost high, lead times long and driving down customer satisfaction.

Horizons Product Configurator addresses the challenges of streamlining CPQ with a fully integrated solution for DynamicsGP to help sales and order taking staff to correctly identify and communicate customer details throughout the organization. This module can also be combined with Horizons Manufacturing Suite for additional capabilities.

Achieve Accurate Order Specification Every Time


As a rules and options based tool, the functionality in Configurator helps businesses reduce specification errors by providing a standardized process for product definition. Communicating precise specifications to assembly, shipping and other functional areas is achieved without duplicate entry into multiple systems because there is complete integration with Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Routing and Shop Floor functions. Unique needs for special orders are cost-effectively handled with tools for the creation of a database of non-inventory items for one-off or single-use applications and the ability to immediately generate purchase orders for such items.


Manage all the tasks of quoting, estimating, buying and specifying from a single form with a standardized easy to follow process.


Graphical Tree form entry interface helps users move swiftly through required tasks.


Hierarchal development of configuration rules including dependencies for components and assemblies allows logical restriction of offering selections which eliminates duplication and omission errors.


Costs and prices are displayed in real time to achieve responsive quote performance.


Dimensional data can be included as details or for estimates of quantity and yield.


Multiple estimates with differing run rates or EBQ (economic build quantity) help sales staff close deals quickly with complete information.


Configurations may be saved and reused, can be copied or can be retrieved at a later time for replication and renaming.


Important instructions are easily attached and included without the need for duplicate entry in multiple systems.


Additional integration to Horizons Item Pricing Matrix ensures broad pricing capabilities for diverse distribution and sales channels.

Sales Order Configuration Tools Are Not All The Same


The Horizons Sales Order Configurator integration to DynamicsGP differentiates itself from similar tools in four key areas:

  1. The large variety of configuration outputs that can be generated. These outputs include items, kits, item lists, bills of material, work order and a combination of bills of material and work orders.
  2. The in depth integration of the user interface to core DynamicsGP data including inventory, customer and pricing tools and, if desired, manufacturing records such as operations and routings. This means full and complete data in regards to capabilities for production and shipping is available during the CPQ process.
  3. The ability to create an unlimited set of non-inventory items disconnected from the item master and unique to the configurator application. This is an additional data set of records with costs and general ledger account relationships that are used to ensure all related costs and details are included in the configuration, even if such details are not typically part of either the item master or the shop floor operations.
  4. The Configuration forms are not just for use during sales order entry. These forms can be accessed directly and used by members of any functional group to manage development of work instructions, quotes or bills of material.