Item Pricing Matrix

Need an effective pricing management tool to give your organization a competitive advantage?

Increasingly stratified niche markets and instant availability to competitive product information demand sophisticated pricing and pricing management tools. When it comes to achieving competitive advantage pricing is a key piece of equipment in the tool kit.

Do your current tools deliver an interactive pricing SYSTEM that does it all in Dynamics GP?

Spreadsheets may calculate the numbers just fine but they don’t deliver the interactive real time accuracy that is needed to maintain customer satisfaction rates and prevent pricing errors from occurring. Delays in processing sales documents to provide time for error checking affects cash flow and the effort to keep it all supported affects the bottom line with additional overhead expenses.

You Will Find the Functions You Need and Some That Expand Your Opportunities


IPM benefits companies that usually have a number of pricing strategies in place at one time. The software is designed to give you the flexibility to stay ahead of the competition and is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing and Inventory Control.


Pricing strategies can be based on a wide variety of factors and actions, not just item or customer classes. Some of the other frequently used methods include total quantity sold on the whole order or only selected items, weight of materials, sales value achieved, rolled up costs, margin targets, date ranges, contracts, discounts, city and zip code identifiers.


Tools are included that support efficient setup and maintenance of your complex pricing relationships. By using imports and other functions you can reduce the overhead tasks of price list changes, ensure responsiveness to sales and marketing needs while delivering pricing accuracy.


This cross platform pricing system is particularly useful for pricing environments with a mix of customer ordering processes which generally include direct keyboard entry, web entered orders, EDI and third party order taking systems.


Additional Integration to Horizons Sales Order Configurator accelerating the speed of configure, price, quote process to improve response times, predict costs and help customers accurately specific orders.

A successful pricing system goes from simple to complex without looking that way


The right pricing tool will address all the automatic calculation methods and deliver a full range of functions with easy to manage set up and maintenance activities. Item Price Matrix (IPM) is an advanced pricing system designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing. It provides advanced pricing methods and price management tools that extend the core capabilities of the items, customers and sales order processes already in use in DynamicsGP. Users remain in familiar territory but can more efficiently process orders with reliable accurate pricing. Other included tools like importing and mass creation allow for maximum efficiency when maintaining pricing data which allows for greater sophistication in price setting and increased responsiveness to market conditions.