Horizons International Releases New Version of Quality Management Software

February 11, 2015 (Julian, CA) – Horizons International today announced the release of version of Quality Essentials Suite (QES). QES has revolutionized the accessibility to quality management software solutions with products that significantly ease the risks and costs of conformance to regulatory requirements in any sector. By providing unlimited user access, QES is the most affordable solution for companies wishing to achieve compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements.

In this release, Horizons has expanded access to exceptional quality assurance software beyond the scope of DynamicsGP for the manufacturing sector. QES supports quality control and reporting needs for any type of company, in any industry, whether integrated to a known ERP source solution or in non-integrated environments where spreadsheets and paper documents are the norm.

For those in high-risk industries, such as chemicals, plastics, oils, recycling or other forms of compounding, the risks are particularly grave as non-conformance to documentation requirements can result in rejected deliveries, delays in transportation and other penalties. Participants in these industries typically face very specific format requirements for showing compliance results to customers or regulatory bodies and managing these variations is exceptionally challenging.

QES was developed to help these organizations overcome the cost limitations for fully customized solutions; the risks inherent in often error-prone paper-based documentation and spreadsheet solutions; or the pain of dealing with ill-fit enterprise solutions because of perceived platform limitations.

“With the 2.11 release of Quality Essentials Suite, we are targeting the needs of those companies who are concerned about successfully managing the increasing complexity and customer driven uniqueness of quality assurance documentation such as certificates of analysis,” says Frances Donnelly, Director Product Development & Sales at Horizons. “Not only does this release provide an extensive expanded base library of certificate formats to draw upon, but additional data requirements are comfortably met with additional user defined fields.”

New features in Quality Essentials Suite 2.11 for any company include:

  • Creating and managing complex variations of certificates of analysis to match customer and item requirements.
  • Data entry form choices for mobile and desktop solutions.
  • User defined fields for expanded customer specific data reporting and collection.
  • Integrated dashboard tool supporting business intelligence as part of quality management.
  • Enhanced lot management expands options for Dynamics GP customers.

With this release we have expanded our support for lot management so that it is not just for Horizons manufacturing applications.

“The core Quality Essentials functionality has always integrated well with any version of Dynamics GP,” says Donnelly, “but with this release we have expanded capabilities for lot control to ensure users can release and hold lot or serial quantities with ease from the QES application. This capability to integrate with any configuration of DynamicsGP is a big part of our effort towards supporting our partners as they help their customer’s with critical regulatory needs.”

Online Resources:

Quality Essentials Suite Trial Code: https://www.qualityessentialssuite.com/request-30-day-trial/

Media Inquiries:

Frances Donnelly, Director of Product Development Horizons International
800 287 8014 ext. 811

Quality Essentials Suite:

In 2009, Horizons began introduction of Quality Essentials Suite (QES). It is now a platform independent, multi-user, affordable solution for customers with quality control requirements in any industry, of any size. Evolving from its launch as an integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP Quality Essentials is unique in its support of all Dynamics brand products. Whether an organization is engaged in quality management activities as a result of ISO certification, to meet regulatory requirements or for the strategic benefit of delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction, there is a daily challenge to cost effectively collect, monitor, analyze and securely store relevant data. QES affordably meets current quality assurance challenges. Follow our blog or find us on Twitter.

Horizons International:

Founded in 1987, Horizons International has worked closely with Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics GP. Horizons is always one of the first tightly integrated, certified ISVs to release integrated solutions, allowing customers to take advantage of new functionality quickly. The professionals at Horizons have over 50 years combined experience in consulting and developing for manufacturing, accounting software applications and quality management.