All Horizons International Products Compatible with Dynamics GP 2016RTM

July 17, 2016 (Julian, CA) – Today, Horizons International is pleased to announce the availability of all their products to support compatibility with Dynamics GP 2016RTM. For almost 20 years, Horizons has developed products that include

  • Horizons Manufacturing Suite
  • Product Configurator
  • Item Pricing Matrix
  • Quality Essentials Suite with Serial/Lot Management and Attributes

which are dedicated to extending the capability of DynamicsGP to meet the needs of users in vertical industries where a combination of process and discrete manufacturing functionality is present.

“During the last development cycle while supporting the specialty needs of industries such as chemicals, food processing, brewing, consumer packaged goods, equipment and electronics we have expanded our product functionality to include multi-site materials planning, support for outsource and contract manufacturing and continued to expanded our quality management software solutions”, says Frances Donnelly Director of Product Development.

Information on product enhancements and the full range of manufacturing, quality and distribution capabilities found in the Horizons products can be obtained by contacting

Media Inquiries:

Frances Donnelly
Director Product Development & Sales
Horizons International
800 287 8014 ext 811


For more than 18 years, Horizons has developed products dedicated to extending the capability of Dynamics GP into many vertical industries. Supporting such a wide range of industries has allowed us to create a broad set of modules and capabilities that require focus, time and attention to ensure complete compatibility across all tools in a timely manner so that our customers can seamlessly upgrade to the most recent DynamicsGP 2016 version and maintain the value of their software investment.

During those years the functionality delivered has extended from simple costed bills of material to complex multi layered formulas and recipes providing one of the few true mixed mode manufacturing software solutions that is equally effective for discrete and process based industries. The recent addition of quality management functionality including lot management techniques for lot holds and release that integrates with the DynamicsGP Manufacturing has further extended the range of compatible products that Horizons brings to the Dynamics GP product space.

Quality Essentials Suite: In 2009, Horizons began introduction of Quality Essentials Suite (QES). It is now a platform independent, multi-user, affordable solution for customers with quality control requirements in any industry, of any size. Evolving from its launch as an integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP Quality Essentials is unique in its support of all Dynamics brand products. Whether an organization is engaged in quality management activities as a result of ISO certification, to meet regulatory requirements or for the strategic benefit of delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction, there is a daily challenge to cost effectively collect, monitor, analyze and securely store relevant data. QES affordably meets current quality assurance challenges. Follow our blog or find us on Twitter.

Horizons International: Founded in 1987, Horizons International has worked closely with Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics GP. Horizons is always one of the first tightly integrated, certified ISVs to release integrated solutions, allowing customers to take advantage of new functionality quickly. The professionals at Horizons have over 50 years combined experience in consulting and developing for manufacturing, accounting software applications and quality management.