• Why Integrated Perpetual Inventory?

    It will reduce the transaction overhead in your business and provide timely, accurate data for decision-making. Watch the video below to learn more.

    Manufacturing Success with Perpetual Inventory

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    The Secret to Implementing Perpetual Inventory

    Integrated Perpetual Inventory:
    Every manufacturer relies on inventory accuracy to meet production schedules and support customer satisfaction. As business processes grow and both customer and regulatory requirements increase the methods for managing inventory become more demanding and costly. Moving from independent spreadsheet tools to integrating inventory functionality can transform the information environment for your business. Watch our video to learn more, then contact us at sales@hzs.com for more information. Learn more here…

  • efficient physical inventory delivers accurate count and costAccurate Count and Cost
    Efficiently achieve accurate counts and costs for your largest asset by integrating inventory management with your accounting and manufacturing activities.
  • efficient physical inventory reduces riskReduce Risk
    Integrating inventory with current and planned manufacturing activities ensures material availability in support of greater customer satisfaction.
  • efficient physical inventory identifies quality improvement tasksPromote Quality Goals
    Integrating inventory transactions expose operations and vendor errors to enable swift resolution and keep inventory levels under control.
  • efficient physical inventory provides accurate shared dataShared Data
    Integrating inventory transactions across all functions delivers accurate shared data for prompt decision making.