• Physical Inventory – Reduce the Risk
    Achieve efficient physical inventory in 4 easy steps

    Physical inventory - Limit Interruption

    Physical Inventory Preparation Checklist

    Physical Inventory

    This event is one of the most reliable scorecards for measuring the effectiveness of your business processes. The difference between expected and actual value is an indicator of how well staff and inventory systems perform. Whether the issues found are incorrect units of measure, bad product not returned to the vendor correctly or simple under or over consumption based on inaccurate bills of material, investigating and correcting errors will improve the bottom line.

    View our video to learn more about the achieving the benefits of physical inventory.

  • efficient physical inventory delivers accurate count and costAccurate Count and Cost
    Efficiently verify the physical inventory data matches the financial and materials results from the perpetual inventory transactions.
  • efficient physical inventory reduces riskReduce Risk
    Efficient physical inventory ensures operations are quickly restarted, limiting delays in customer service.
  • efficient physical inventory identifies quality improvement tasksPromote Quality Goals
    Use the efficient physical inventory results to target actions for improvement tasks.
  • efficient physical inventory provides accurate shared dataShared Data
    Physical inventory results are shared across functions and roles for timely and accurate decision making.