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GPOptimizer Winter 2014 issue now available

Read The Quality Journey - Overcoming Inertia

Video Overview of Quality Essentials Suite

View a high level tour of Quality Essentials Suite from Horizons International. This overview demo will introduce you to essential information on navigation and key software functionality. Plan to reduce the cost of quality by eliminating transcription costs and delivering real time information to stakeholders. [View Video]

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Welcome to Horizons International

Finding the combination of discrete and process manufacturing functionality required by many businesses in a single software product has been challenging. Finding that functionality with complete integration to already familiar to your staff Microsoft tools has been even more difficult, until now. User level pricing for Horizons Manufacturing Suite functionality now makes access to all the tools of large enterprises affordable to even the smallest manufacturer, whether they are engaged in process or discrete manufacturing.


Managing freshness, quality control, formulas and lot tracking with details of planned vs. actual costs and other margin analysis tools is just part of the unique fit of this solution for food processors.

Life Sciences

Tight inventory control, full lot and serial traceability, integrated quality, version control on items and formulas in an appropriately priced product that meets FDA and regulatory requirements to support your growth strategy.


Whether reacted, blended or refined, into fibers, plastics, coatings, consumables or bio fuels, accurately managing the variation of inputs and outputs to ensure financial, inventory and safety accuracy is achieved with our solution for chemical manufacturers.

Equipment & Machinery

Supporting fabrication, assembly, disassembly (reverse logistics) and repair of equipment and related components for inventory accuracy, cash management, version control, traceability and quality processes with tools specific to manufacturing and design.